Eligibility for Referral Bonus

All referrers must be current employees of Webhelp UK and submit all referrals via either our webhelpfriends portal: www.webhelpfriends.com or the referral must input the referrers name as a source on their on-line application form.  Our webhelpfriends.com can be accessed from desktop or mobile devices either within our outwith the workplace.

  • Webhelp UK will not accept claims for referral bonuses where this process has not been followed.
  • Once you have successfully registered your referral you are eligible for the bonus payment if your referral commences employment in the specific vacancy they were referred for within 6 months following the date of the referral and successfully passes their 12 week probation.  If the referrals contract is terminated within this time payment will no longer be applicable.
  • The referral bonus payment equates to £200.  The £200 payment will be split into 2 payments. The first payment of £75 will be processed when the referral completes their first week in training and the remaining £125 will be paid after the employee has been with us for 16 weeks.  For both payments to be made the referrer must still be employed by Webhelp UK at the time the payment is due.
  • The referrer will not be eligible for payment until they have been employed for us for 16 weeks. Once this period has passed, any payment due will be paid into your salary on the next available payday.
  • Any referrals submitted prior to the 1st November 2014 will be considered under the terms and conditions at that time i.e Employees must complete a nomination form (available from the Intranet) and will receive £200 for every friend recommended who is subsequently successfully employed. This will be processed as a single payment and the above probationary period would apply.
  • Webhelp UK will conduct interviews with only those referred candidates who meet the requirements of the role including right to work checks.  Offers of employment will be only given to the most qualified candidates, regardless of how the candidate came to our attention.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, and you will be awarded a referral bonus for each valid, successful referral.
  • Referrals of the same candidate by multiple employees will result in one bonus payment being processed for the first referral correctly submitted through the Refer a Friend scheme.
  • It is the responsibility of Human Resources and the Team Leader of the referrer and referral to update the relevant systems (Cascade) to advise if probation has been passed. In the event this is not updated an email will be sent to the relevant TL to clarify this information. It would then be the responsibility of the TL to provide this information. If this is not provided before the payroll cut-off dates then this may mean that the payment due date is pushed out.
  • Bonus payments will be made as part of the referrer’s regular monthly salary therefore applicable UK taxes and NI will be deducted from payments.  We operate within the agreed payroll cut-off dates, payments could be paid in up to the second regular monthly salary following payment due date.
  • It is at Webhelp UK’s discretion, not to pay the bonus where the referral completes the 12 week probationary period but is absent for a proportion of this time, or their performance is not acceptable, or they have been disciplined.
  • This is a policy whereby Webhelp UK reserves the right to modify or withdraw the policy at any time.



  • You cannot refer an existing employee of Webhelp UK under this scheme.
  • You cannot refer yourself under this scheme. If you wish to apply for a vacancy please follow the standard internal application process.
  • You cannot refer a candidate for a vacancy where you are the hiring manager, or where you have any involvement in the recruitment or interview and selection process. No one in the Recruitment function is eligible for RAF payment.
  • No referrals will be accepted for positions that are advertised internally only or open to internal employees only in order to protect the internal development of our people.
  • A referral bonus will not be paid for a candidate who has already completed an online application and has already been introduced to Webhelp UK by another means within the previous 3 months. This therefore excludes candidates who have been interviewed or employed by Webhelp UK at any time during the 6 months prior to the referral date. No payment will be made if a referral is a previous employee of our company.